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Calendars are available in the following formats:




A Horizontal Photo-Black Type

B Vertical Composite/Split Calendar-Black Type

C Small Horizontal Photo/Split Calendar-White or Black Type
D Full Horizontal Photo/Split Calendar-White or Black Type

E Full Vertical Photo/Split Calendar-White or Black Type

It’s time to say THANKS to all those people who have made your 2002 racing season possible. 
                Pick out your favorite race photo and order your personalized copies of my
2003 Color Racing Calendar

2006 Color Racing Calendar is available in five different formats.
If you are selecting a normal horizontal photo, select from Formats A, C, & D.
If you select format D or E, be sure there is adequate room above and below your car for  the  calendar. 
Use format B or E  if the calendar is from a composite photo.
There is a composite  charge of  $55.00 for composite photos not currently ordered.

Each format can be printed in either black or white type.
                If you have selected format D or E, care should be exercised in selecting type color
                to make sure it properly contrasts with the track color and photo background.

All calendar formats include a color coordinated border.
                I generally use either the car color if it gives enough contrast,
                or if the color is something like dark blue or black, bright red looks very nice. 
                A checkered border is available for formats  B,C,D &E.

Add a caption to any calendar for only $10.00.
                Normal type font is Helvetica Bold. Please ask if you need something different.

                 Please refer to the price list for pricing. Shipping charges are also indicated.


        TO ORDER- Complete this section, total and attach to GREEN ORDER FORM with note “CALENDAR ORDER  PER  ATTACHED”


            Select one format-                A             B             C             D             E


            Select type color-                 Black     White     Best


            Select border color-

                (This is a guideline only)    Match _________car color              Best

Don’t care                                             Don’t like_______


            Caption (Please print below)



            Negative Number 1:________________ NegativeNumber2:___________________

            Size: (     ) 11" x14"    (     )8-1/2" x 12"    (     )12" x 18

            Quantity____________x   Unit price  each $___________=Cal.Amt.$__________

            Add if applicable-

              Caption charge.................  10.00                                                           

                                              Composite charge............  55.00                                 ___________                      

                                              Shipping Charge from price list                                                                                        

                            SUB TOTAL TO ORDER FORM                                             $